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    "YES SIR, THIS IS BABEY! What's in a name? That is a question that has been asked for centuries. In the case of BABEY you will have to listen to find out for yourself. I, however, can say from personal experience that she is one of the most delightful persons I have ever met. She also has a love for music that is matched by few others that I know. That love is turned into her own distinct and passionate presentation on the stage and in the case of "THE SONG BEGINS"........her first studio album.

    When one talks with BABEY they soon find out that the arts have always been an important part of her life. Her activities during her formidable years included: dance, painting, piano and vocal lessons. Later on she would concentrate her studies on music theory, drama and the fine arts, which included several years overseas painting in the romantic city of Rome. In fact, BABEY considers herself an expressionist both with her painting and her singing. "I love to paint a picture with my voice, " says BABEY. "I use emotional interpretation for impact combined with a strong beat, which I think makes me unique." I suggest you listen to "Sentimental Journey" for proof of her statement. BABEY, bursting with sheer determination, will be going home and most likely ahead of schedule.

    In recent years, BABEY has been most proud of her professional association with legendary vocal arranger, Hal Schaefer. For more than a half-century, Schaefer has assisted such legends as Sarah Vaughan, Billy Eckstine, Barbara Streisand, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and one of BABEY's inspirations, Doris Day. In fact, it was Mr. Schaefer who did the original vocal arrangement for Doris Day's recording of "It's Magic." BABEY's version is no less sincere and with a beautiful string arrangement to boot.

    BABEY calls Manhattan home and these days you can most likely catch her at the impressive Top of the Tower restaurant and bar at the sBeekman Hotel. As a live performer you will find BABEY's positive energy contagious. Always ready to share a smile, she not only entertains, but educates as well with knowledge of the songs she sings. "I want to help the audience feel connected," says BABEY. She accomplishes that not only on stage, but in the studio as well. Yes sir, this is what BABEY's all about. I know you will soon agree."

    Reviewer: Michael Anthony
    WHPC Radio, New York

    "BABEY knows how to honestly render a standard. She stays true to the author's verse and entertains with her musical knowledge. Her charming personality will win you over."

    Reviewer: Michael Anthony
    WHPC Radio, New York

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