Drawing by Robert Richards

A great jazz-influenced pop and cabaret singer in the tradition of Tony Bennett and Ella Fitzgerald, Babey offers the best of both worlds. She breathes vitality into a song through her bountiful capacities for suspense and swing, yet remains true to the original melody and lyrics. Her spectacular presence, her sensual style, warmth, wit and sparkle, all help to elevate every performance into a unique and special event.

Babey's musical gifts are considerable: a stunning three-octave range, excellent intonation and impeccable time. Yet her prodigious technique takes a backseat to her enormous talent. She captivates audiences with her remarkable ability to tell a story through song.

If a person is known by the company they keep, then Babey's associations rank her with the immortals. She has collaborated with Hal Schaefer (the prominent film-score writer, best known for his work with Peggy Lee, Marilyn Monroe and Doris Day) and David Sorin Collyer (coach to Liza Minelli and Melissa Manchester). In addition, Bernie Wayne (writer of the hits, "Blue Velvet', "Laughing on the Outside" and Miss America") has written much special material exclusively for Babey.

An international performer, Babey has performed all over New York (Danny's Skylight Room, Pegasus, The Village Gate, Js, Palsson's, The Park Royal, to name a few), New Jersey (The Watchung Performing Arts Center, The Palladium), Florida and Rome, Italy (The Cavaliere Hilton Hotel, La Fontanella, Zi Gaetano). She has also appeared in several films (Ghostbusters II, The Flying Machine, Common Battlefield) and done theater (What Price Purity - a satire, The American/British Bicentennial Review).

Her love of the Great American Songbook permeates her life, and her life permeates every song she sings. Babey can touch a listener like no one else can. She creates an overwhelming feeling of fun, capriciousness and total emotional involvement.

Babey brings her joy and love of music to every song she sings, and every venue she performs in.

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